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Suddenly Acoustic

If you want feet tapping rhythms, audience participation or simply sweet sounding background music – Suddenly Acoustic caters for all.

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After almost a years pause, we have performed our first public Gig on the 6th December 2014 at the Riwwelmaddes in Darmstadt. Hopefully those that attended enjoyed the evening as much as we did. We saw many new faces along with some of our usual fans, dancing the night away and enjoying the atmosphere of a quaint English/Irish style pub. There we even some spontaneous guest performers and one or two unplanned additional pieces to groove alone too. A really great night!!

Suddenly Acoustic - Riwwelmaddes Dec 2014


Suddenly Acoustic is a professional sounding 4 member hobby band with a more acoustic tendency playing modern pop, rock and soul cover versions as well as a few well known oldies. We consist of three acoustic guitars, percussion, Cajon, keyboard and vocals, although not necessarily all performing at the same time. Even though we already have many songs in our repertoire we strive to add new ones on a regular basis and are open to special requests for booked events.

About Us

Formed in the second half of 2009, the band has played many small gigs at private parties and public locations in and around the Darmstadt area with cover versions from well known artists. We are made up of a female Vocalist, Lead/E-Bass Guitarist, Rhythm/E-Bass/Cajon Guitarist and a Keyboard/Guitar/Percussion player to provide an entertaining sound.


Pamela has been singing almost all her life and has been known to take up a guitar from time-to-time. Her love for singing started when she was a child and has grown with her, performing at many locations in her home land of Singapore before migrating to Germany where she has lived for the last 15 years. Although singing is her main contribution to the band she does take up the guitar from time to time or bops with the tambourine.

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Pam - Vocals & Guitar


Joerg - Guitar, Bass & Vocals
Original founder of the pop and rock band “Fuzzy Duck” in the 90’s, Jörg has been playing guitar since he was a young lad. For suddenly acoustic he mainly plays the acoustic guitar with intermittent bass guitar and vocal support/leads.

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Our E-Bass/Guitar player Stefan has been musically active for many years and, like Jörg and Robin, is also a member of “Fuzzy Duck”. Although an accomplished acoustic guitar player he also grooves with the Cajon for the acoustic scene and plays a mean electric bass.

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Stefan - Guitar, Bass & Cajon


Robin - Keyboard, Guitar &  Percussion
Robin’s love for music started at a young age with the piano. In his youth he participated in and contributed to many youth marching band competitions playing the bell lyre, arranging music and producing the choreography for the display routines. It wasn’t until his arrival in Germany that he joined his (almost) first pop/rock band “Fuzzy Duck”, finally forming Suddenly Acoustic with the other band members in 2009. His main area of expertise is the keyboards but he is also a dab hand with percussion instruments and also joins in with some purely acoustic guitar pieces.

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